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  • How long have you been in business?
    E&J Dugay Roofing has been in business since 1890. Now that’s established!
  • Do you have a permanent place of business?
    Any reliable roofer should have a business phone, tax ID, business license and be bonded. E&J Dugay is fully licensed and bonded. We’ve been at a permanent place of business for several generations. See our Contact Us page for all the pertinent information. Our tax ID and business license numbers are available upon request.
  • Do you have liability insurance and workers’ compensation?
    We do have both. Copies of the policies and pertinent policy numbers are available upon request.
  • Will I get a written estimate?
    All our estimates are written before any work is done. It clearly states the warranty and what voids it.
  • Has the Better Business Bureau heard of you?
    You bet! Before hiring a contractor, you should always check with the BBB for complaints against a business. We have over a hundred years of satisfied customers to back us up. We also have many references that are available upon request.
  • Will your bid be the cheapest?
    Honestly, not always. Price is not always a good indicator of which company to pick for your roofing contractor. Companies may skimp on materials in order to undercut other bids. Choosing the cheapest bid is not always the best policy.
  • What are the signs that suggest that I need a new roof?
    Here are some of the signs that you need to look out for: Cracked, damaged or missing shingles Shingles that are covered in moss Shingles that are curling at the edges Shingles blowing off the roof and the into the yard Granules washing off shingles
  • What are the signs of flat roof damage?
    The changing temperature can make your roof expand and contract. This eventually may lead to cracks on your roof Exposure to the sun leads to deterioration Over time, nails protrude through the top surface of the roof and cause leakage If you have noticed any cracks on your roof tiles or you have not replaced them in over 20 years, it is essential to get them replaced.

Roof Replacement Services

Our team offers affordable and hassle-free roof replacements.

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